Thursday, 30 September 2021

Poem and Speech competition Results.

Our school held the speech and poem competition yesterday. The children enjoyed listening to our contestants. All children did their best and showed the time and effort that had been put in. It was sad not to have parents in our audience: another consequence of Covid unfortunately.

Room 1 results were :

Year 1 poems  1st Navreet Kaur   2nd Heath Foster

Year 1 speeches   1st Heath Foster   2nd Grace Dowling

Year 2 poems 1st Shandreigh Manawat  2nd  Xekiah Manaoat

Year 2 speeches 1st Luke Crockett  2nd Xekiah Manaoat

Friday, 10 September 2021

Thank you and well done

  Tinopai   Whanau.

Thank you everyone for returning all the children's learning resources. Thank also for your work supporting your children's learning over lockdown. The children have returned to school fresh and ready to continue learning. I am really impressed with the confidence some of the children have developed with their maths and reading especially. We have had 100% attendance so far- a great start.
Next week I will not send any reading homework, so that children and parents have time to concentrate on working on the children's poems and speeches. We will begin our poem competition on Wednesday next week. Children are expected to know their poem off by heart ; many do already- well done. Many children are ready to give their speeches as well. Keep these simple. The children do not need to memorise their speeches.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Back to school reminders

Looking forward to seeing you all back at school tomorrow.

Don't forget to bring all your school stuff back to school. Parents please drop your children off  outside the school. No parents or younger siblings to come into Room 1 please. If your child needs help bringing their things in just leave them on the seats outside Room 1. Thanks for your support  I appreciate it.
Diana Choat

Monday, 6 September 2021

Schools reopen Thursday

 Welcome back to school on Thursday

We have just heard the news that New Zealand outside of Auckland will be moving to Level 2 with schools reopening on Thursday.  A few points to note:

Mask wearing is recommended but not mandatory.

Please return all resources that were sent home including Maths and Handwriting booklets- don't worry if they are not completed we can work on these at school. It will be helpful for me to see what children have been doing.

We hope to have our speech and poem competitions. Hopefully families have been working on this at home. We may start the poem competition on Thursday if some children are prepared and comfortable about doing this.

 Can children please bring their own drink bottles to school.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Level 3

 Level 3 Guidelines

Kia ora tatou, hello everyone. I hope you are all coping well with learning at home. Tonight we shift to level 3 which will not really change anything for  our school, as we have no children returning and will be continuing with learning from home.
Today marks 10 missed school days, with at least another week at Level 3, the amount of missed school time is starting to be significant. If parents are able to continue to support learning from home this will help to maintain or even advance your child's learning.
I would expect Room 1 children to be spending a minimum of one and a half hours on "school" activities.
These are my guidelines for Room 1 pupils:


Daily practice is really important for young children at the early stages of learning to read. It would be great if children read 2 or 3 familiar books each day. They should be able to do this independently.  Introduce a new book each day. Your child will need help with this. The simplest way to do this is by reading the story to the child,( Aarish and Xekiah will not need this.) Then give support as the child reads independently.

Writing and Handwriting:

Once again it would be good to make this a daily activity.  The children should be able to complete handwriting, but some supervision to check on correct grip and letter formation is helpful. In story writing younger children especially do a picture first and write about that. Encourage children to  make their own attempts at words by saying the word slowly and recording what they can hear.


It would be a great help if children could complete a worksheet every school day. Children should be able to do this independently once you have explained what to do.

Of course lots more learning will take place outside of these more structured activities , but these will help keep children on track to achieve at expected levels. Thank you for your support at home. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need help or advice. Reading to your children has many benefits and I recommend this as a daily activity. We still hope to have our speech and poem competition when we return to school so keep working on those. It's encouraging to see many children using Studyladder and Epic. These can be useful independent activities as well. Keep up the great work supporting your children. Please send Handwriting and Mathematics books back to school once  we reach Level 2, we can continue to use them at school and I will be able to see what children have been able to do at home.

Thursday, 26 August 2021

Study ladder

 Studyladder is free to students during school hours 9:00am to 3:30 during week days.

 Access to studyladder outside these hours is limited. If you want some tips for using Studyladder go to Older posts on the right hand side. Go to April 2020 and you will find a tutorial on using Studyladder. Good to see lots of you making use of this site. I can monitor what children are doing and send them messages.  Look out for these in the little envelope.I haven't written any yet, but will send messages today to everyone who has started using Studyladder.

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Hard copy Resources

Hard copy Resources

Good morning Families
I will be going into school today to make up packs for families who would like them. These will be reading boxes with books children have read and some new ones for you to introduce, handwriting worksheets, Maths worksheets, the children's writing books and letter /word cards and  a few guidelines for children's reading and writing.
 I will have these ready by tomorrow. I  will put them on the seats by Room 1. The resources will be ready for you to collect between 9:00 am and 10:30. Please wear a mask and keep  social distance of 2 metres when you are collecting resources. I will  leave good space between each child's resources. Please don't touch anyone elses boxes. The children's reading boxes are labelled with their names.

If you would like these please contact me by text 027 871 1927 or email Thank you to those parents who have already contacted me. I will be calling or texting other families today. I will only make up kits for those families who have  contacted me.

Poem and Speech competition Results.

Our school held the speech and poem competition yesterday. The children enjoyed listening to our contestants. All children did their best an...